Cyrus Ammon Tolman

Cyrus Ammon Tolman is the first born son of Cyrus Tolman and Alice Bracken. Cyrus Ammon was officially part of Brigham Young’s 1848 company. “The thousand-mile trek must have been an especially long, hard journey for Alice in the last months of her first pregnancy. She had the young daughter of Cyrus and Lydia Ann to care for and was expecting a baby–her first born. The first part of September they arrived at Fort Bridger, Green River, Wyoming. There Alice gave birth to their son, Cyrus Ammon, September 6, 1848. Her bed was a wagon and her attendants were her husband and an inexperienced midwife. The company arrived in the Salt Lake Valley September 20th, 1848 having spent one hundred twelve days on the journey. It was too late in the season for the newcomers to plant crops or build proper dwellings, so their food remained scare and their living circumstances primitive. (Cyrus Tolman: Father, Frontiersman, Pioneer by Loraine Tolman Pace, Second Edition, 2006, page 20.) This is the approximate location of Cyrus and his wife Minnie’s home. View this 1900 U.S. Census record that shows Cyrus, his wife, Minnie Marie, and three children and also a land deed record from Bishop Adam G. Smith to Cyrus Ammon.

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