sessions-home-in-marion-alma-alvin-cousin-glen-tolman-and-marvin-tolmanLeft to Right: Alma Tolman, Alvin Tolman, Glenn (A cousin), and Marvin Tolman

At some point, William Alvin and Hattie Naomi Tolman lived in the Harvey Sessions home for a time. There were two bedrooms downstairs and one big one upstairs, reached by stairs on the outside of the home. Bernice and Hattie slept in one bedroom downstairs and their parents in the other. The boys slept upstairs. One morning someone came to the girl’s bedroom window and told them they would have to crawl out the window in order to reach the kitchen as Noel had been placed in the front room with meningitis. The family was quarantined. Hattie Tolman Stinger said, “We would have to climb in the window weach night to go to bed, and out again in the mornings. Of course, as kids, we thought that was great sport.” (Homes of Alma Jaren Tolman and Myrtle Harriet Priest in Idaho by Ruth Ann Tolman Baker, page 8.)

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