hyrum-and-minnie-tolman-pickett-cropped Back Row: Hyrum Pickett, “Chippy the dog,” Moroni Pickett, “Jimmy the cat,” Oliver Pickett. Front Row: Eugene Pickett, Minnie Tolman Pickett (wife of Hyrum), Francis Amelia Clegg Pickett (wife of Moroni) holding Olive Pickett (now Mrs. Walt Southworth), Ruby Pearl Pickett (now Mrs. Judson Mabey), Alice Bracken Tolman (mother of Minnie)

Minnie Elizabeth Tolman met, was courted and married Hyrum Ether Emanual Pickett in September 1892 in Marion, Idaho. Their marriage was solemnized in the Logan Temple October 21, 1892. Hyrum is quoted as saying, “They say Ben Franklin discovered electricity by flying a kite.  Still, he didn’t know what to do with it after he had found it. I discovered it when I married your mother, Minnie Tolman. She has been my constant source of power and energy ever since. By this I mean comfort in sorrow, understanding in distress, and sincere companionship in success.” This is the approximate location of Minnie and Hyrum’s home.  View 1900 U.S. Census record and find this family.

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Minnie Elizabeth Tolman

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