Oakley Stake Center

The Oakley Stake was the 32nd stake in the Church and was established on 19 November 1887. The Cassia Oakley Tabernacle built in 1902 served as the “Stake Center” for 54 years. In 1954 construction began for a new stake tabernacle (as it was called at first, as well as a Stake House). By 1954 a new need had arisen in the peaceful valley and the people felt a need to make their place of worship show its importance to them. They felt a desire to build a structure which would not only be more convenient as they carried out their religious obligations, but also one which would be more modern in its appearance and more beautiful. Thus showing the love and thankfulness they felt in their hearts toward a God who had been so kind and generous to them as they lived in the valley. So the people were called upon to build a stake center where all could come together. Under a new program again the people rallied to the tradition of those who had built before them. The stake then consisted of six wards Oakley 1st, 2nd  and 3nd  wards, Basin, Marion and Goose Creek wards.  These were the saints who planned to erect a Stake Center at a cost of $230,000. President David O. McKay visited Oakley and on June 24, 1956 dedicated the new Cassia Oakley Stake Center.

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