William Augustus Tolman was born on the 29th of August 1850 in Tooele, Utah to Cyrus and Alice Bracken Tolman. His father was a farmer and he lived at home and helped on the farm until he married Marintha Althera Bates 15 Jul 1872. William and Marintha has eleven children. All of their children lived to maturity, married and had families of their own. The following year he lived in Richfield, Utah then moved to Knowllen, Utah where he homesteaded 160 acres and lived there for about eight years.  In 1881 sold his farm and with his brother Alvin (Joshua Alvin) and family, taking their household good and cattle moved to Idaho.  Here he bought 160 acre farm at a place now named Marion. It was named after President Francis Marion Lyman. See an 1881 Tolman Water Rights document. He lived at Marion many years, farmed and raised cattle and sheep. William had an encounter with J.L. Davis or “Diamondfield Jack” who was the best known gunman who fought in Idaho’s sheep and cattle wars. This is the approximate location of his home.

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