(An account of two sisters, Hattie Naomi Tolman  (pictured above) and Lydia Vilate Tolman (pictured below) as told by Glen Parley Tolman, Vilate’s third child. Jaren Tolman was their father. They lived in Bountiful and then married brothers and both moved to Marion, Idaho. Their families were very close. This story happened in 1929 at the home of Parley and Vilate Tolman in Island). 

lydia-vilate-tolmanWhen I was about 14 years old, we had very little water for irrigation. We had to watch the water very closely. Mother had been sick for some time. She was so bad that Aunt Hattie was staying with her. As I came in from the water about 4 a.m., I saw a light in mother’s room. The door was open, and I stopped to see how she was. As I stood in the doorway, I heard mother say to Aunt Hattie. “Take the pillow out from under my head. I am going to leave you now.”

Aunt Hattie said, “No Vilate, you can’t go yet. You have a large family to raise.” She knelt down by her bed and talked with Heavenly Father like He was in the room with her. She told the Lord that Vilate couldn’t go. She had a large family and couldn’t leave them. It seemed she prayed for five minutes. Mother started getting better from that time on and was soon on her feet again. She lived to be 74 years of age. This incident has always been a testimony to me.

Visit FamilySearch to learn more about Lydia Vilate Tolman, Hattie Naomi Tolman, and other ancestors. Also visit the Thomas Tolman Family Organization to find out how you can get more involved in family history.

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