Cyrus Tolman Move to Goose Creek, Idaho

Judson Isaac, son of Cyrus and Alice, said, “It was a time of pioneering, of settling the West where ever there seemed to be a desirable place, my father seemed always ready to go when asked or perhaps he just naturally had it in him to seek new experiences and help settle new places. Much had been said by the Church authorities regarding the desirability of the sections in southern Idaho, among which was the Goose Creek Valley.  Father got permission and soon was off with his family to join the few who had already come, and commenced the settlement of what was to become known as Oakley, near the point where Goose Creek entered the open valley…”  (Cyrus Tolman: Father, Frontiersman, Pioneer by Loraine Tolman Pace, 2006, Square One Printing Inc, p. 39.)

Explore the interactive map below and select Oakley or Marion, or any of the available options to discover your heritage and learn about Cyrus Tolman, the generations of his family and others as they settled and lived in Oakley, Idaho and the surrounding communities.

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