Regarding the Tolman Family Magazine in 1965, Loraine Tolman Pace writes in Thomas Tolman Family Organization: A Hundred Year History: “The magazine was off to a great start. William O. Tolman was currently serving on the Priesthood Genealogy Committee for the Church and traveled most weekends with General Authorities and perhaps that access enabled the family to have special messages from church leaders during that period of time. Elder Harold B. Lee had written the first message in January. He was followed by President David O. McKay, Elder Joseph Fielding Smith, Elder N. Eldon Tanner, President Rendell N. Mabey of the Swiss Mission, President Bion Tolman of the Family Organization, Elder Howard W. Hunter, Elder Theodore M. Burton, Elder ElRay L. Christiansen, and Elder S. Dilworth Young, followed by several Executive Board members until the practice was established to have the messages from the current president of the organization.”

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