“As we went forward with this program, I told my cousins, if they would meet religiously, every month, that miracles would happen in our family genealogical program. The first miracle, I suppose, was our decision to index all of Aunt Myra’s records.” [Note for Loraine Tolman Pace: That may sound simple to the average person, but you had to have seen the boxes and books in the original condition to appreciate the enormity of the task that was ahead. Some sheets were filed in binders and others in files. There were many duplicates discovered. Near the end of Aunt Myra’s life she was well aware that she was repeating herself when she submitted names for ordinances because she had no system of keeping track, mostly because she was trying to do everything herself. She told Williams that she would get back sheets that were stamped “submitted last month” or “submitted last week.” Indexing became a critical issue.]

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