(Pictured: Tom Tolman in front of the future home of the Bountiful Museum)

News Release: 9 April 2017
Contributed by Derek John Tolman

In February of this year, the Thomas Tolman Family Organization officially made a donation of $80,000 to the Bountiful Museum and Learning Center.  This donation was made from some of the proceeds of the sale of the Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center that occurred on May 31, 2016. Some of the funds were used to add a basement and preservation room to the expanded portion of the museum. The remaining funds will go toward the maintenance of this new museum which is scheduled to open for Bountiful’s Handcart Days on July 21-22, 2017.

Tom Tolman, former President of the Thomas Tolman Family Organization and current Board Member, has been instrumental in securing the funding and support for what will become Bountiful’s new museum located at 300 North and Main Street.  Tom’s work on this project dates back several years when he served on the Bountiful City Council. Tom now serves on the board of the Bountiful Historical Preservation Foundation which has spearheaded the effort to create this new learning center to help preserve the rich history of the City of Bountiful.


This donation fulfills a commitment the Thomas Tolman Family Organization Executive Board made in February of 2015 to donate between $80,000 and $100,000 to the Bountiful Museum contingent of the sale of the family home.  The organization has recently secured a formal agreement for the Bountiful Museum to safeguard a number of family history artifacts the family organization has donated to the museum.  Many of these artifacts will be on display outside the preservation room. The artifacts include a number of Tolman ancestor portraits, a grandfather clock, original journals, temple books, bound histories, and other memorabilia. The Tolman family is an important part of the history of Bountiful and appreciates the opportunity to support the efforts of the Bountiful Historical Preservation Foundation to preserve that history.

Craftsmen work on a train exhibit for the new Bountiful Museum.

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