In 1968, discussion began in family executive meetings about the need for a building where the numerous family records could be housed. At the April semi-annual meeting, Robert S. Tolman was appointed as chairman of a committee to investigate properties. The first members of the committee were William O. Tolman, Harold Hofhine, Stan Jones, and Eldon M. Tolman. By the October meeting, Robert Tolman had moved to Las Vegas for employment and LeVirl E. Tolman was asked to serve as chairman of the building committee. His brother L. Dean Tolman and L. DeVon Mecham joined the committee.

Picture: These six cousins spent a lot of time “hanging out” together in meetings, left to right: Harold L. Hofhine, LeVirl E. Tolman, Wilford H. Tolman, William O. Tolman, Eldon M. Tolman, and President Bion Tolman.

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