In the April 1969 semi-annual meeting LeVirl Tolman reported that the old Judson Tolman home had about 2 acres in Bountiful and 7 acres in Davis County and was to be sold between $47,000 and $58,000. LeVirl was asked to follow through on any leads. LeVirl E. Tolman reported at the October 1970 semi-annual meeting that the Judson Tolman property, which the family have been interested in acquiring, had been sold. Other properties were considered and in April of 1973 it was announced that property was purchased at 2937 South Orchard Drive in Bountiful. William O. Tolman was offered a house at no cost if the family would move it. A foundation basement was poured and the house was moved on top of it to provide the framework for the upstairs apartment of the family center. The building committee then consisted of brothers: LeVirl E. Tolman, L. Dean Tolman, and Cyrus Marshall Tolman with secretary JoAnn E. Curtis.

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