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Madeline Tolman (1894-1967)

Contributed by Meri Lou Liegibel My grandmother died when I was 5 years old. All I remember is that at her funeral I asked my mother if it was called a funeral or a reunion. My mother said it's both in many ways. Visit FamilySearch to learn more about...

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Mabel Evelyn Banks (1897-1979)

I, Mable Evelyn Banks Tolman, was born July 21, 1897, near Wakarusa, Kansas, near Topeka, at my folks home in the country. My father had gone after my Grandmother Jordan. He had just arrived back home when I was born. My father, James Stanley Banks, was the oldest of...

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LuRee Tolman’s Memories of her Grandparents and Parents

LuRee’s Memories of her Grandparents and Parents: Recorded spring 2013 and transcribed by Linda Kay Tolman Smith My name is LuRee Tolman Van Wagenen and I was born April 7, 1934. My parents were Bion Tolman and Lucille Morgan Tolman. My parents lived in Brigham City...

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Autobiography of Lucille Morgan Tolman

Note: The following personal history was written by Lucille during the years 1979 to 1983. She felt that the history that her two young¬est daughters had taped in a question and answer style, had left out some important events and some important feelings. So she began...

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The Life Story of Little John Tolman

Painting by Monte Smout (The information for this life history comes from three documents: “A History of Little John Tolman” written by Laprele Tolman Harmon, “A Life Story of Little John Tolman” remembered and written by Mondell Tolman, and “My Valley, My Town...

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Lewis Owen Tolman and Annie May Walker to their Children

The following is a letter from Lewis Owen Tolman and Annie May Walker to their children written on 1 January 1959. Tolman, Lewis Owen and Annie Walker Visit FamilySearch to learn more about Lewis Owen Tolman and Esther Annie May Walker. Also visit the Thomas Tolman...

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Letter from Lewis Owen Tolman to William Odell Tolman

The following was written by Lewis Owen Tolman 20 Jan 1980. He died Tuesday, 8 Apr 1980 and was buried in Dallas, Texas. William O. Tolman Bountiful, Utah “Dear Willie: “I hope this message finds you all well and happy. I have problems with my eyes (cataracts) so...

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Leona Ellener Jensen (1905-1987)

Leona Ellener Jensen Tolman 28 May 1905 - 18 Jul 1987 Daughter of Andrew C. & Lola Ellener Wilson Jensen, Jr. This is a brief outline of my life. I was born May 28,1905 to Andrew C. Jensen, Jr. and Lola Ellener Wilson Jensen in Riverside, Idaho. My parents lived...

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Laura Hannah Hunsaker (1911-1977)

LAURA HANNAH HUNSAKER TOLMAN 20 Aug 1911 - 12 Oct 1977 Wife of Ralph W. Tolman Funeral Services - Saturday, 15 Oct 1977 PRELUDE AND POSTLUDE: Berma C. Orme, organist OPENING REMARKS: Bishop Lynn J. Reeder, conducting We have met this day to pay our last respects to...

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