News Release: 11 September 2016
Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center Sold

For the better part of forty years, the Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center in Bountiful, Utah has safeguarded and preserved the organization’s family history and genealogy records. Over the years, Tolman cousins have gathered at this family home and volunteered tens of thousands of hours to finding lost ancestors, performing temple work on their behalf, and preserving their stories. In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in family history technologies. Much of what used to require a visit to a family history center can now largely be accomplished at home over the internet.

As a result of these advances in technology, the Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center has fulfilled its purpose and the home was sold on 31 May 2016 to the Tuioti family. In preparation for the sale of the home, many cousins volunteered several hours of their time to give the home a deep cleaning and shape up the yard. It’s fitting that Tinoa Tuioti works for FamilySearch, the largest genealogy organization in the world. What better home than this one for someone working in the family history industry! Tricia Leslie, the hostess of the family home from June of 1998 to June of 2002, presented the Tuioti family with the 100-year history of the Thomas Tolman Family Organization which details the history of the home. The Tuioti family has already made improvements to the home including removing some walls and adding a new roof, new carpet, paint, and new kitchen appliances.

The Executive Board has authorized using some of the proceeds from the sale of the home to provide a donation to the Bountiful Museum where there will be an exhibit on the Thomas Tolman Family Organization. Additionally, a marker will be purchased for the gravesite of Benjamin Tolman in Brigham City, Utah. Benjamin’s family were among the original members of the Thomas Tolman Family Organization when it was established in 1903. The balance of the proceeds will be used to establish an endowment to further the mission of the Thomas Tolman Family Organization including establishing a new website that will become the new virtual family home.

When the Tolman Genealogy Center was dedicated July 7, 1978 it was completely finished and paid for. It was estimated that over 21,600 hours in volunteer labor and nearly $70,000 in donations from the family had been contributed (the equivalent of over $255,000 in 2016 dollars). Six hundred forty-six attended the dedication service of the new family genealogy center, a very unique holding for a family organization. This sacred home will always symbolize the Thomas Tolman Family Organization’s legacy of love, sacrifice, and commitment to family and family history work.

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