The dedication of the Thomas Tolman Family Genealogy Center and familiy home was the highlight of the 1978 family reunion held on 6-8 July. Thursday was set aside for temple work and tours of historic and Church sites. The dedication of the family home was held on Friday at the Val Verda Stake Center and attended by 646 cousins. Elder S. Dilworth Young gave the dedicatory prayer and offered remarks along with other family leaders. The afternoon was occupied with lunch at the Bountiful Park, games, swimming, and tours of the home.  Thomas B.Tolman provided reunion souvenirs including bumper stickers with the inscription, “You are following a descendant of Thomas Tolman, who came to America in 1630.” Saturday was reserved for a day of fun at Lagoon. In the final accounting, over a thousand people had attended the reunion at one event or another.

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