Glen and Opal on June 26, 1990, their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Parley Glenn Tolman is the great grandson of Cyrus Tolman, grandson of Joshua Alvin Tolman and son of Parley Lambert Tolman. He is the fourth generation to live and farm in Marion and Island. He worked with his dad on the farm growing up and as Parley’s oldest son would have had a lot of responsibilities. He again worked with his dad when he started farming on his own in Marion. They both lived on Marion Street and raised their families there along with William Alvin and their families. When Glen was growing up he also had aunts and uncles, other cousins, his grandparents and others that enriched the family life they all enjoyed. The family life extended to church activities in the Marion ward as they all lived in that ward. Glen really enjoyed life, and had a very good sense of humor. He was very active in high school activities including football, playing for Oakley High. They had plenty of reunions and family life together and it extended to his own family. He was very instrumental in building the canal from the Oakley dam to the Snake River that saved the Oakley and Burley areas from being flooded. The stake president had asked Glen to supervise some of the activities on the project that was considered a miracle. In later years, an Oakley bishop called Glenn and his wife Sarah Opal Moffett to serve a mission in Florida. They had some great experiences there working with members of other faiths and having them join the Church.

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