(Kay Badger shares some memories of Oakley High School)
All of William Alvin’s and Parley’s children attended Oakley high school. Aunt Hattie (Hattie Tolman Stinger), the youngest was in high school when William Alvin and Hattie Naomi moved to Pocatello in 1939. My uncle Jaren played football for Oakley as well as my uncle Glen. My mother Leola tells of staying with Aunt Alice for months at a time in the winter because it was so hard to get to high school in the morning from Marion. Aunt Alice (Mary Alice Tolman Larson) lived about 3/4 mile from Oakley High School. When I was about 8-10 years old, in the early fifties, I was in the old cracker box gym in Oakley watching a Burley and Oakley game. With 3 seconds left and Oakley behind 1 point, Kent Woodhouse made a basket the full length of the court and Oakley won the game. I was in the balcony looking directly down at the play. 

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