Solon Bancroft Tolman
27 Jul 1828 – 10 Mar 1908
Son of William & Mary Bancroft Tolman

Solon Bancroft Tolman was educated in the public school near his home, at Rodman Seminary and Black River Institute at Watertown.

He continued to be his father’s assistant in tilling the homestead farm until 1860, when he purchased the Peck farm, a little more than a mile northward from his native spot.  For three years he tilled both places, and since 1863 he has resided on and tilled the new purchase, which is productive and a profitable property.

Conveniently and handsomely located on the Sandy Creek road, he has christened it “Greenwood Farm,” a most appropriate title.

Here his active years were passed, in application of the principles of successful agriculture, and he is now enjoying, in the ripeness of years and experience, the rewards of intelligent industry.  Here he delights to entertain his friends, whose number is limited only by the scope of his acquaintance.

He is a charter member of Watertown range and of the Jefferson County Pomona Grange, having held office in the former for nine years, including that of master.  His interest in agricultural progress is indicated by the fact that he has always been a yearly member of the Jefferson County Agricultural Society.

His first presidential vote was cast for General Zachary Taylor, and ever since the formation of the Republican party he has been a supporter of its principles.  He has served as inspector of elections, and was nine years an excise commissioner, going out of office when the position was abolished.

Solon B. Tolman married 16 Mar 1854 Lodusta A. Archer and the sister of Solon, Mary Amanda, who never married and lived with her brother and his wife.

His wife died 24 Feb 1866 in childbirth.  Since that sad event, Mr. Tolman’s home has been presided over by his sister, Mary Amanda, an amiable and estimable lady.

Mr. Tolman is one of the representative citizens of his native town, a man of excellent judgement, a true and tried friend, and a most worthy successor of a long line of exemplary ancestors.

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