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A Legacy of Faith and Tender Mercies

Picture: Joshua Alvin and Mary Jane Gorringe Tolman and Family in 1901. (Top Row: Cyrus Oakley, Owen Joshua, Mary Alice, William Alvin, Lydia Ann, Joseph Osborn, Parley Lambert; Middle Row: Daniel Henry, Joshua Alvin, Louisa Hancock, Fannie Burgess, Rulon Burl, Mary...

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Wild Rabbits and a Tragic Accident

(An account about Alvaretta Jane Tolman, George Smith Grant, and Henry Albert Belcher. Contributed by the Thomas Tolman Family Organization). The lone grocery store in the little town of Oakley was owned by George Smith Grant, who later fell in love and married...

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The fish that saved Alvaretta Jane Tolman’s life

(Story of Alvaretta Jane Tolman as she moved with her family from Tooele, Utah to Oakley Valley. Alvaretta is pictured at the far right). Alvaretta Jane was born November 18, 1860 in Tooele, Utah as the seventh child of Cyrus Tolman and Alice Bracken.  Alvaretta spent...

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Parley goes on a Mission

(Pictured left to right. Back Row: Hugh D. Pack, Calvin Christensen, Greene, W.W. Whittaker, Hoopes, L.R. Bittons. Front Row: Peter Jensen, Parley Tolman, Everett Robins, President M.J. Ballard, President Bell, Taylor) (An account of Parley Lambert Tolman's missionary...

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A Sister’s Prayer of Faith

(An account of two sisters, Hattie Naomi Tolman  (pictured above) and Lydia Vilate Tolman (pictured below) as told by Glen Parley Tolman, Vilate's third child. Jaren Tolman was their father. They lived in Bountiful and then married brothers and both moved to Marion,...

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Grandpa’s Farm

(Kay Badger shares his childhood memories of going to his Grandpa Parley Lambert Tolman's farm in Oakley, Idaho). I remember going to Grandpa Tolman's Farm in Oakley during the summers and staying for weeks to help Grandpa on his farm. He had dairy cows, horses,...

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First Days in Oakley: A Stove Explodes

(From short history of Alice Bracken written by her daughter Minnie Elizabeth Tolman Pickett. She describes her family's arrival to the Oakley Valley.) I well remember the day we drove down into the Oakley valley. The weather was hot and dry, the dust five or six...

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The Island Grade School Class of 1922

Back (fourth from left) Edith, Emma Tolman, Ruby Speckman, Clair Cranney, Armenia Tolman. Front Delilia Freestone, Myrtle Cranney, Laura, Trafford Woodhouse, Dean Cranney, Hal Barton and William Tolman. Visit FamilySearch to learn more about Emma Tolman, Armenia...

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Where is the Island Grade School today?

This house was built from the bricks of the Island Grade School and is situated on about the same location where the school stood. Pictured in the photo are Kay and Dennis Badger. Related Stories The Island Grade School The Island Grade School Class of...

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God will be our Physician

(Miraculous story about William Alvin Tolman, pictured above. Contributed by the Thomas Tolman Family Organization with quotations from Mary Jane Gorringe and Minnie Elizabeth Tolman Pickett.) They were married the 12th day of December, 1878, in Salt Lake City, Utah,...

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Joshua Alvin Tolman’s Faith

(From a short history of Joshua Alvin Tolman written by his daughter Louisa Hancock Tolman) Joshua Alvin and his brothers filed on some land at Marion, Idaho. Father built a one-room cabin and returned to Salt Lake that fall for his wife and two children, William and...

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My Grandma Mary Jane

(Written by Hattie Tolman Stinger about the only grandparent she remembers, Grandma Mary Jane) Grandma Mary Jane Gorringe (Tolman), my father's mother was the only grandparent that I remember. We lived about 1 1/2 miles from her. Grandma had a parlor that was always...

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