Home pictured in 2016

Like many of the long-standing residents of Marion, William Alvin and Hattie Naomi Tolman lived in several different homes in the area. This is the site of the first and last home of William Alvin and Hattie Naomi Tolman while they lived in Marion, Idaho. William and Hattie were second cousins and were married in 1902. Their first home was this two-room log house pictured here. Their first three children were born in this home: Naomi (1903), Emma (1905), and Armenia (1908). Emma describes the home as having a sod roof and white washed walls.They would live in four other homes before returning to this home in the 1930s. By then, the sod roof, log home has been replaced with a frame home which still exists today. This may have been the first of William and Hattie’s homes that had electricity. Uncle Alma write that all their previous homes did not have running water or inside toilet facilities. William and Hattie moved to Pocatello, Idaho in 1939 where most of their children had moved. (Homes of Alma Jaren Tolman and Myrtle Harriet Priest in Idaho by Ruth Ann Tolman Baker, page 3, 6, 11.)


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