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Judson Tolman Move to Bountiful, Utah

In the fall of 1854, Judson moved his family to Bountiful, Utah. “Judson was almost 77 years old when he called his family and the families of Cyrus and Benjamin to form a family organization on April 8, 1903. We are fortunate to have the minutes of that first meeting preserved.” (Thomas Tolman Family Organization: A One-Hundred Year History┬ácompiled by Loraine Tolman Pace, June 2003, page 18.) Judson named the Nathan Tolman Family Organization after his father. In 1962, the organization’s name was changed to the Thomas Tolman Family Organization after our immigrant ancestor.

Explore the interactive map below for a preview of stories and photos we will release in the fall of 2017 on this important chapter of our family heritage.

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