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Judson Adonirum Tolman Chesterfield

In 1879 Chester Call, a bishop from Bountiful, and his nephew Christian Nelson checked out the valley that was to become Chesterfield and found enough water to convince them that farming would work there as well as cattle raising. They established a 320-acre ranch and returned to Bountiful to ask others to follow them to Chesterfield. The land was cheap and relatives were persuaded to join Chester Call in his adventure and settlement.  In 1881 and 1882, some Bountiful Tolmans along with other families made Chesterfield their home. Judson Adonirum Tolman was made the presiding Elder of the new Mormon branch and his house became the gathering place of the local members of the Church.

Explore the interactive map below for a preview of stories and photos we will release in the fall of 2018 on this important chapter of our family heritage.

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