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Benjamin Tolman Move to Davis Fort (Now Brigham City), Utah

After helping settle Tooele with his two brothers Cyrus and Judson and their families in 1849, Benjamin married Sarah Jane Angell on January 2, 1851. Sarah was the oldest daughter of Truman and Polly Angell. Truman Angell was the brother-in-law to Brigham Young and served as the official architect of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His contributions included designing the Salt Lake Temple, the Lion House, the Beehive House, the Utah Territorial Statehouse among other public buildings. Brigham Young called for volunteers to settle the Brigham City area. The fact that Brigham Young was Sarah’s uncle may have influenced Benjamin and Sarah moving to Davis Fort in the spring of 1851. Benjamin and Sarah and were among the first settlers of this area where they raised their three children. (Benjamin Hewitt Tolman: Brother Pioneer, Husband, Father by Dawnine T. Mills Johnson, 1st Edition, 2014, Family Heritage Publishers, pages 1-8 to 1-18.)

Explore the interactive map below for a preview of stories and photos we will release in the spring of 2018 on this important chapter of our family heritage.

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