Cyrus, Judson, and Benjamin The brothers that helped settle Tooele Valley

A year after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley as part of Brigham Young’s 1848 company, Judson and Sarah Lucretia Tolman and their 19-month old daughter Nancy were among the first families Brigham Young sent to Tooele. At the latter part of his life, Judson wrote, “I helped to fight crickets in 1849 and that year, together with two other families, settled in Tooele Valley where Tooele City now stands.” (Judson Tolman: Pioneer, Lumberman, Patriarch by Dennis Tolman, 2nd edition, 2004, DMT Publishing, pages 37, 40.) Judson and Sarah Lucretia would later be joined by his brother Cyrus and his family along with his brother Benjamin who was single at the time.

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Settlement History

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